Welcome to the Conjurer's Kitchen where Annabel de Vetten (aka Annabel Lecter) performs her culinary wizardry.

Leaning towards more unusual and creatively decorated cakes, our creations range from artistic to anatomical, and from creepy to occasionally cute. The more unusual the request, the happier we are. Nothing is too weird for the Conjurer's Kitchen! Seriously....

We take commissions for all types of cakes and have a variety of flavours for you to choose from, ranging from traditional to adventurous. We also provide custom cakes for press packs and event launches. 

All cakes are individually designed and prices are governed by intricacy of design and size. When the design of the cake will not yield the amount of portions required, rather than compromising the design, we will provide another, plain cake to make up the numbers. 

We do not make "just a simple sponge cake", those can be bought at the supermarket. Here even the most basic designs are well thought out and personalised. Our prices start at £100 and go up based on your budget. You will definitely get what you pay for. After all, cake is more than just a dessert. It's a feature at an event — something people will remember. And nobody ever takes photos of the salad or fancy serviettes.

In addition to cakes, several other delicious treats and edible oddities are created at the Conjurer's Kitchen including creations in chocolate and delightfully decorated biscuits to name but a few. 

So browse the pages and enjoy, but be warned, some of the edibles on this site aren't to everyone's taste.